Here's Some Additional Information about Cosmetics:

Here are some facts about eyeliner lipstick and blush:

Eyeliner is made out of minerals.Eyeliner helped protect people from a disease spread by flies. Certain types of eyeliner also helped with eye infections. Men and Women also wore eye paint made from grounded silver and gray minerals. The eye paint was grounded on a slate plate. One more thing they would do is outline their eyes with Kohl (Kohl was a black sticky mixture made from galena. Galena was a sulfide of lead.)Almost all of the ancient Egyptians blush was red. Their blush was red because it was made out of rust. If you mixed blush and animal fat it made lipstick. Lipstick could also be made out of powdered lead mixed with water or vegetable oil. It was part of the Ancient Egyptians religion to only wear red lipstick. The lipstick was colored red using ochers.

Here are some facts about perfume and lotion:

The Ancient Egyptians believed that their gods smelt very good so they wanted to smell just as good as they thought their gods did. Poor people and rich people wore different perfumes. Poor people’s perfume was made out of ground up herbs and roots. Rich people’s perfume was made out of nice plants such as, lilies, roses, cinnamon, and almonds. On the other hand lotions were made out of sheep and hippopotamus fat. Other lotions were made out of oils, and the oils were made from plants such as, beans and flax. People used lotions to keep their skin smooth and wrinkle free after being in sunny hot weather for long periods of time.

Here are some facts about keeping clean and Hair styles:

Ordinary people bathed very frequently. They liked to be clean so they bathed in animal or vegetable oil mixed with powdered limestone. They would shave their arms and legs with a hooked bronze razor. Men and women shaved their faces. They would also shave their bodies and limbs. They would apply creams and lotions daily to stay moist. They liked to be clean so they bathed in animal or vegetable oil mixed with powdered limestone. Wealthy people had live-in hair stylist’s, but the poor couldn’t afford them. Both genders would pluck their eyebrows, and they would use tweezers to remove hair. Henna was used to dye hair. They would color their hair when it started to get gray, or they would just wear wigs. Hairpins were use to hold curls in perfumed or pomade wigs. Some people even wore wooden combs in their hair.

Here are some facts on supplies and containers:

Women carried cosmetic boxes every where they went. The Floral Spoon was a container used to hold all kinds of makeup. The Mothers Duck is a container used to hold face cream. The Craftsman masterpiece is also a container that holds face cream. Almost every woman owned a mirror. Mirrors were made from polished bronze and copper. The handel was a sculpture that meant something important to the owner.