Day 2

Alcatraz Island

After some good sleep and another dose of perfect breakfast, we visit the creepiest place in San Francisco: Alcatraz Island. This place is best known for its prison, which is now abandoned and contains a dark history.

It was a very spooky visit, and will for sure be memorable.

Alcatraz Island

Cosson Hall

After, we will go to another abandoned location: the Cosson Hall. This place is known to have several ghosts haunting its place. Originally inhibited by many sailors, it was a hotspot for many, but fell into disrepair, causing many to die and now haunt the place. Near the place is also an abandoned school, with not much history behind it, and that place may be visited later.

I came out very spooked, and am now staying the night at a different beautiful hotel: the Grand Hyatt.

The Grand Hyatt.
Cosson Hall Location & Picture of the Grand Hyatt