Day 3

Wasting Money at the Casino

It is the final day, so why not test our luck and throw away extra money in the process? We will be visiting the San Pablo Lytton Casino, a very popular place that is recommended by many flights to waste your money at.

And, after wasting over $1000, we got three cherries in a row, but not three sevens. Overall, we made $100 and lost $900, obviously very worth it. We will now visit the undoubtedly creepiest place in San Francisco, an abandoned amusement park.

San Pablo Lytton Casino.

J's Amusement Park

For our final visit, we are visiting an abandoned amusement park. No rides to ride here, just regret of visiting.

I explored and found a very creepy sight. I ended up running out because I was too scared. Now, all things must come to an end, and we are now going home. It was a very fun journey, and I hope to visit more cities, states, countries, and attractions again.