Our Mission

                    This website was created to help students of all high school grade levels pass the SAT. Our websites' resources extend from what you can expect time-wise for
                    the test to math help, vocab and literature prep and sample items. We can ensure that you can expect to do your best on the SAT with the help of our website! But above all, make
                    sure to take a break and reward yourself with some hilariously terrible memes!

          Tips for Our Tips!

                    SAT By Students, For Students can definitely help you succeed on you SAT, but to help you get the most of our website, here are a few tips.

                    We recommend you read all tips thoroughly on our website. For the math portion of the test, read about ways to creatively solve the questions and get the max
                    amount you can out of your test taking skills. We also recommend you complete the problems we have listed under practice on each page. For the vocab we suggest
                    you use our prefix and suffix chart guide to save you from too much memorization. Lastly, for reading, really look into the listing for tips under the practice passages.
                    Finally, remember to take periodic breaks and test your knowledge in fun, new ways to keep yourself engaged with the material. Check out our practice problems and games!
                    That's all and please enjoy and make the most out of SAT By Students, For Students.

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